Student Organizations
   Haide college advocates the vigorous and colorful academy culture, and aims to cultivate innovative talents with international vision and Chinese feelings to carry out the construction of academy culture. At present, Haide college has three student organizations, including student union, self-management Association and youth volunteer service team. All members of the student organization are freshmen, and the rotating chairman system is set up, The rotation system of department heads is implemented with project management. The Secretariat of the working group on campus culture construction is set up in the student union, The Secretariat of the working group on the construction of deliberative democracy is set up in the student self management committee.

    Haide college adopts the college system student education management mode, which features high frequency of teacher-student exchanges, high-intensity ideological and academic collision and high-style humanistic care, Through the education of baptism, cultivation, fumigation and education, students should strive to realize self-management, self-education, self-service and self supervision, promote the cultivation of personality and cultivate the feelings of home country.
Haide College Student Union
The normal operation of the student union
 Haide college student union office is the meeting point of daily work operation, financial audit, practice and outreach work, and is the gear link of the normal operation of the student union. The purpose of the office work is to strengthen the internal department contact, enhance the team friendship, create a big family atmosphere of the student union, constantly explore in the exchange of learning, and establish a good image of Haide students.
Publicity Department
Publicity window of Student Union
 The official account of the propaganda department is based on WeChat public platform. Through the new push form, sing the main melody, carry forward the positive energy, closely contact with the students, play a positive role, and create a good campus cultural atmosphere. As the official account of WeChat public number "OUC Haide youth Xiaoqing" in the Ocean University of China, Haide college, we are the window for publicity, and every push must be strictly controlled. At the same time, we should pay attention to timeliness on the premise of ensuring the correctness of the push content, and fully show the good image of the student union.
Chengfa Department
The bridge of Student Union
  Based on the role of the student union as a bridge, the student growth and Development Department of Haide college actively conveys the demands of students' growth and development, and timely and effectively conveys the relevant information of the college and the guidance of the Youth League Committee.
Department of culture and sports
An important carrier of creating a strong college cultural atmosphere
 The purpose of the sports department is to serve students and enrich their college life. It is not only an important base for students to carry out art education and practice, but also an important carrier for students to cultivate and improve their quality and create a strong college cultural atmosphere.
Academic department
Practice platform for students' professional skills
 With the purpose of enhancing students' learning awareness and creating a good learning atmosphere, the academic department of Haide college organizes and carries out various academic activities with Haide college characteristics, fully cooperates with the school to carry out the construction of study style, and establishes a practical platform for students' professional skills.
Haide college Self Management Association
Haide college Self Management Association
 The student self-management Committee of Haide college serves the normal operation and development of the college.
   It has three centers: comprehensive operation center, academy news center and cultural development center
 Integrated operation center: relying on the student self-management Committee, it is the "general manager" of the organization. Here, you will learn a better time management mode, Better broaden their horizons, more comprehensive to improve themselves. Main functions: group building, financial management, equipment management, attendance, outreach, planning, docking of affiliated associations.
  College News Center: relying on the student self-management Committee, the key words are "attitude, responsibility, discipline, efficiency". Main functions: to lead the construction of the College Press Corps; Participate in the operation of WeChat official account. Taking pictures of hospital level activities; The production of short videos and micro films with college characteristics; The dissemination of college cultural and creative products.
  Cultural Development Center: relying on the student self-management Committee, it is the main force in organizing various college activities. Uphold the concept of "richness, enthusiasm, freedom and harmony", build a platform for the development and performance of students' ability. Main functions: College activity planning, art and creative collection, the production of master drama this semester, the learning and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, and the exchange and integration of excellent Chinese and Western culture.
Haide college student volunteer service team
student volunteer service team
Haide college student volunteer service team is a peer-to-peer learning team under the unified organization of the college, which is composed of students who are enthusiastic about public welfare and have outstanding achievements. The work of student volunteers mainly includes helping students solve curriculum problems and carrying out group learning activities. In the process of learning, students help each other, exchange and discussion, not only harvest the progress in learning, but also harvest a precious friendship and mutual trust.