Sino-Australian Center for Smart Ocean Research

Haide college has set up Sino-Australian Center for Smart Ocean Research and plans to establish Smart Ocean Research Institute in Australia, mainly to carry out joint scientific research in three fields.

For marine scientific research, we have built research platform in cooperation with James Cook University to carry out physical oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry and marine drug research; for Antarctic scientific research, we have established professional research platform in collaboration with the University of Tasmania and others to concentrate on Antarctic climate and aquaculture, and cold water biology research; for engineering application, we have forged technology research platform in concert with the University of Adelaide, focusing on artificial intelligence and big data, ocean and materials engineering.

The center adopts combined training mode for masters, doctors and international students from countries along with “the Belt and Road” in particular.

The center creates favourable conditions for the growth of young teachers, and cultivates young doctoral advisors of Ocean University of China (OUC) by recruiting doctoral students in cooperation with Australian universities.

The center will join hands to hold academic seminars, apply for Sino-foreign scientific research projects, and jointly publish academic papers at home and abroad with the cooperative institutions, so as to continuously expand the international influence of OUC.