Wei Xin was invited to give a lecture at the first Study Salon reading club


Release time:2023-12-01

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On the afternoon of March 23, Haide College hosted the first Study Salon reading club. Weixing, the 14th National Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), was invited to deliver a lecture. Huang Ying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of Haide College, presided over the event. Wang Junling, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the school's Party Committee, and Li Xiaotong, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Haide College, attended. Over 60 representatives of faculty and students from Haide actively participated. 

The theme was Casual Conversations on Reading, revolving around the topic Is Reading Useful?, which Triggered students to think about the significance and value of reading. From Can Sun Wukong meet Confucius to Kong Yiji's inseparable gown, Wei immersed students in the rich literature world through entertaining interpretations of classic excerpts. Drawing from his abundant life experiences, he guided students to recognize that reading should not be confined to forms, advising them to cherish their university years when youth is in full bloom. 

At the end of the event, Weixing engaged in lively interaction with the participating faculty and student representatives, presenting signed books. 

In the collision between classic literature and contemporary works, profound reflections and on-site interactions, the Study Salon reading club concluded successfully. This session aims to cultivate a positive atmosphere of loving and appreciating books among Haide students, nurturing their humanistic qualities and patriotism. Additionally, it serves as a valuable experiment in talent cultivation and contributes to the cultural construction of the academy and innovative student management, accumulating rich Haide experiences. In the future, the College will continue to focus on the annual Study Salon activities, inviting more renowned figures from various fields to gather under the cherry trees, inquire into knowledge, and contribute to the cultivation of international innovative talents who can contribute both home and abroad. The club aims to establish Haide as a strategic hub for talent cultivation in the field of Sino-foreign cooperation in education.

Appendix: Brief Introduction to Wei Xin

Wei Xin, born in December 1978, from Cao County, Shandong. He is the 14th National Committee member of the CPPCC, host of CCTV's Lectures from a Hundred Schools, writer, poet, playwright, and historian. He was listed among the Top 10 Influential Traditional Chinese Culture V-bloggers on Weibo in 2018. His works include books such as The Founding of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wei Xin Talks about Water Margin, and History Has a Wei Dao. As a playwright, he has contributed to plays like All Are Water Margin, Living Days in Advance, and sketches for the Spring Festival Gala like Who Is It? and Love's Chauffeur. He has received awards such as the China Drama Golden Lion Award and the Taishan Literature Award for Playwriting.


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