The Academic Lecture Titled Exploration in the Vast Seas, Achievements in Maritime Prosperity was successfully held


Release time:2023-12-01

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On the afternoon of May 25th, the academic lecture titled Exploration in the Vast Seas, Achievements in Maritime Prosperity was successfully held in Room 4501 of the teaching area. Professor Wang Min, Dean of Haide College, was invited as the main speaker for the lecture. Professor Liang Yantao and Dr. Yang Yang from the School of Marine Life served as guest speakers, with the presence of Zhang Linjie, Vice Dean of Haide College. The event was hosted by Zhu Xinlei, counselor of Haide College, with active participation of the students.

Professor Wang began by sharing the courageous contributions and outstanding achievements of researchers and experts of OUC in the construction of the maritime power. She recounted the educational journeys, research stories, and remarkable accomplishments of four academicians-- Guan Huashi, Mai Kangsen, Bao Zhenmin and Song Weibo, to convey their spirit of dedication and unwavering commitment to the country to students.


Next, Wang introduced her personal research on marine planktonic virus, providing a scientific overview of the crucial role virus plays in material and energy flow, as well as biodiversity in the ocean. She showcased her research team's global layout in virus studies, spanning seven continents and four oceans. Drawing inspiration from her own quest, Wang encouraged students to endure solitude and hardship in scientific research, emphasizing that the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the bitterness of the cold.

Wang Min then delved into the current situation of Antarctic scientific research, sharing her experiences as a member of the 31st and 36th Antarctic expedition teams, including the maiden voyage of Snow Dragon 2 to Antarctica. Yang Yang enthusiastically shared personal scientific observations and reflections during Antarctic exploration.


During the interactive session, students actively posed questions. Wang Min, Liang Yantao, and Yang Yang combined their personal research experiences to address students' inquiries about Antarctic expeditions, academic exploration, and experiences at sea.

In conclusion, Wang Min motivated Haide students to broaden their international perspectives and rooted in patriotism. Students should strive to actively participate in global governance, demonstrate youth responsibility, integrate personal endeavors into the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the progress of human society, progress hand in hand with the motherland, and grow together with the times, thus embodying the mission and dedication of the OUC students through practical actions.


Text by | Zhang Jiashuo

Photography by | Zhang Zihang

Editing by | Ma Yanyu

Initial Review by | Ma Yanyu, Xu Yiming

Secondary Review by | Zhu Xinlei, Guan Xuan, Du Kening

Final Review by | Li Xiaotong