Challenges and Successes of Ancient DNA Research


Release time:2023-12-01

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Master Class

From the Field to the Laboratory: Challenges and Successes of Ancient DNA Research

Assoc.Prof. Bastien Llamas

An expert in genomics and paleo genomics.Investigates a range of molecular mechanisms that facilitate human adaptationto diverse environmental and cultural stressors.


Paleogenomics is the study of DNA retrieved from long-dead organisms found in the archaeological and paleontologicalrecords. This so-called ancient DNA is in low guantity, degraded, and contaminated, and its analysis is technicallychallenging, Nevertheless, constant methodological improvements have pushed the limits in terms of scale and scope'nowadays, paleogenomic research often addresses broad questions such as the demographic history of extinct andextant species, there construction of past biomes to infer environmental and human impacts, or the co-evolution ofhosts and pathogens. Paleogenomics research can also address more ocal questions, like the biological relationshipsbetween people buried in the same cemetery, or the identification of biological remains for repatriation purpose. Thislecture will provide an introduction to the fascinating study of ancient DNA.