The 2023 Campus Open Day of Haide College of Ocean University of China was successfully held


Release time:2023-07-07

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On July 2, the 2023 Campus Open Day of Haide College of Ocean University of China was held in Xingzhi Building on Laoshan Campus. Braden Phillips, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Engineering and Technology of University of Adelaide, Australia; Xin Yuanzheng, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Ocean University of China; Wang Min, Dean of Haide College; and more than 100 representatives of college entrance examination candidates and parents from all over the country attended the meeting. The event was hosted by Zhang Linjie, Vice president of Haide College.


The event was also broadcast simultaneously on platforms such as Bilibili, Douyin and WeChat Channel, which were watched by more than 1,500 people.


Yu Zhigang, President of Ocean University of China, briefly introduced the educational background, training goals and development direction of Haide College of Ocean University of China in his message video. He stressed that the university is confident that through the strong alliance with the University of Adelaide, it will lay a solid foundation for the future development of students and cultivate innovative talents with an international vision and devotion to China.


Jessica Gallagher, Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs at the University of Adelaide, introduced the basic situation of the University of Adelaide in a video message. She pointed out that Haide College focuses on the strengths of the two schools, and the high level of academic collaboration between the two sides will provide students with unique opportunities and learning experiences. She congratulated the graduates of the national college entrance examination and sincerely invited everyone to join Haide College.



Wang Min gave a detailed introduction to the running of the college. She pointed out that since its establishment, the College has continuously optimized the talent training system, strengthened the reform of education and teaching, strengthened the education management of the college system, highlighted the effectiveness of international education, made full use of the scientific research platform inside and outside the school, promoted the integrated development of science and education, and provided comprehensive guarantee for the growth of students. She stressed that the college will integrate high-quality education resources at home and abroad, introduce a team of tutors, and establish a high-level team of teachers to provide guarantee for the training of high-quality talents.


Braden Phillips introduced the geographical location and human history of the University of Adelaide. Based on the characteristics of Haide College, he focused on the basic information, further study direction and career development plan of the three majors. He pointed out that biotechnology graduates can go on to develop careers in medical diagnostics, vaccine discovery, the pharmaceutical industry, and improvements in plant and animal breeding. Graduates majoring in mathematics and applied mathematics can pursue careers in engineering, technology, telecommunications and scientific research. Food science and engineering graduates will have careers in public health nutrition, new product development and food technology.


During the Q&A session, the students and their parents exchanged views on the talent training mode, professional setting, student activities, further education direction and other issues.After the field professional tutor's patient answers, the majority of candidates and parents have a deep understanding of Haide College.


After the meeting, students and parents visited the college's open space, psychological workstation, Chinese and Western lecture hall and other student activity Spaces, Haide College student representatives introduced the function and activity experience of each space in detail.


The staff responsible for Haide College affairs of the University of Adelaide, AEMG Education Group, and relevant heads of Haide College attended the event.



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