Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and her delegation visited Haide College


Release time:2023-06-12

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On May 31, Dr. Jessica Gallagher, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and vice president of UoA 

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, and her delegation visited Haide College. Qin Shanghai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Haide College, and Wang Min, President of Haide College, met with the visiting guests. The two sides exchanged views on matters related to cooperation in running schools.

At the symposium, Wang Min welcomed the delegation from the University of Adelaide and briefly introduced the construction and development of Haide College. She pointed out that with the joint efforts of both sides, after nearly three years of development, Haide College has made great progress in international talent training, education and teaching reform, innovation system and mechanism, and looks forward to the two sides can promote the University of Adelaide teachers to teach in China, carry out scientific research cooperation, strengthen the construction of “”project, and other aspects of communication and cooperation. Strive for a breakthrough.

Jessica Gallagher thanked Haide College for its warm reception, saying that the University of Adelaide has always been committed to promoting in-depth exchanges between China and Australia in cultural, academic, scientific and technological fields. Haide College is an important platform for cooperation between the University of Adelaide and Ocean University of China. The University of Adelaide attaches great importance to the construction and development of Haide College and hopes that the two sides can work together to strengthen exchanges and cooperation and cultivate more international talents.

At the student meeting of Haide College, Vice President Jessica Gallagher spoke highly of the students of Haide College and welcomed the students to study and exchange in the University of Adelaide. Professor Scott Smith, Deputy Minister of the Department of Science, Engineering and Technology of the University of Adelaide, introduced the relevant situation of the University of Adelaide, he said that the University of Adelaide, as a world famous higher education institution, has rich professional resources in academic, scientific research, teaching and other fields, which can fully meet the learning needs of different students. To help students maximize their personal potential.

At the “2+2” and “3+2 ”student symposium, the teachers of the Adelaide delegation expressed their welcome and blessings to the students who were selected to start their study journey at the University of Adelaide, and had an in-depth exchange on the students' concerns about study and life, scientific research and training, further study and other issues. After the teachers' patient answers, the students have clearer plans and goals for their future personal development.

After the meeting, Jessica Gallagher and her delegation visited the educational space and cultural construction achievements of Haide College.

Igusti Darmawan, Acting Deputy Minister of Arts, Business, Law and Economics at the University of Adelaide, Philippa Rasmussen, Deputy Minister of Health and Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Ding Boyin, Academic Director of Haide College, Wang Chen, Manager of Global Partnerships and Haide College officials attended the event.

After the meeting, President Yu Zhigang and Vice President Liu Yong of Ocean University of China met with the visiting guests. Yu Zhigang fully recognized the fruitful results achieved by the two universities in the cooperation of Haide College, and hoped to realize the joint construction and sharing of high-quality education and teaching resources. Jessica Gallagher fully recognized the outstanding achievements made by the two universities in cooperative education and academic exchanges, and hoped to further strengthen the close cooperation between the two universities in teacher exchange and student exchange, and deepen exchanges and cooperation in more subject areas.


Correspondents: Zhao Ya’nan, Zhou Yidan and Zhu Jingyi