Haide College, the champion of Beauty!


Release time:2023-04-19

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In order to enrich campus activities, promote the spirit of sports, strengthen the students' comprehensive quality, and show the youthful vitality, on April 16th, (2023) Ocean University of China 76th Games aerobics and cheerleading competition was held in the gymnasium. The HaideCollege team is full of enthusiasm and vitality, showing the positive attitude and excellence of Haidestudents. In the end, HaideCollege won the first prize in cheerleading, the second prize in aerobics and the first prize in group exercises.


The cheerleading set contest was the first. The game scene, dynamic melody, neat action, against the athlete's smile, the whole game scene has become a warm sea. The vigorous dancing of the Haide students radiates the glory of youth, bringing a visual feast to the audience.


Then, HaideCollege aerobics team vitality appeared. The team members always follow the music with passion and full state repeatedly happy movement, wonderful technical movements won the applause of the students present. They make every beat perfect, let every detail play to the extreme! In the end, the HaideCollege aerobics team won the second prize.


Finally, the optional cheerleading set for this competition to a successful end. A brisk walk, a confident smile... At the moment, their figure is the most beautiful scenery in the game. The team members' clean and neat movements, orderly routes, perfect coordination, and bright clothes each other, showing their youthful vitality, won the second place in the single event and the first place in the total outstanding results!


When we wave our hands

When we leap into the air

When we spin and fly

We can always feel the force of life

Flying passion

Creative passion

Never stop the pursuit


Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, the more dangerous the more forward. Today, we have witnessed the surging blood of Dancing Haide, your body contains the vastness of the universe; In the future, we will continue to walk together, chasing the light in our hearts, and writing Haideglory with our youth!