Haide Studentshas made great achievements in the Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge


Release time:2023-03-27

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The finalists of the 2022 Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge, organized by the China Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology, have been announced. In this competition, Jiang Zhengxu and Yao Jiaqi, majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of Grade 2021, won the national third prize (the fourth place in the national A question), and were invited to attend the award ceremony held in Shenzhen Beili Moscow University on March 11, 2023.


1. Introduction of Shenzhen Cup

Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge is organized by China Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology. It aims to further promote the development of practical activities that use mathematical methods and computer technology to solve practical problems, and guide the participants to use mathematical thinking and cutting-edge computer technology to analyze and solve practical problems in reality. Shenzhen Cup has a total of 4 open questions from the actual, which requires full study of the practical problems put forward, the establishment of a reasonable mathematical model, and the model to solve and verify, and finally give a practical application oriented solution. Different from other mathematical contests in modeling, Shenzhen Cup attaches great importance to the divergent thinking and innovation ability of the participants, with a wide range of questions, a long span and a long cycle. The participants are undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students and even personnel of scientific research institutions. It is a very influential mathematical modeling top challenge for the whole society. One first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes will be awarded for each of the four topics.


The competition attracted hundreds of teams from universities and all walks of life. 66 teams from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nankai University and all walks of life were selected for the online defense finals from November 25 to 27 after being recommended by the provincial organizing committee and reviewed by the expert group of Shenzhen Cup. After the final judging, a total of 24 teams were awarded prizes in the competition. Jiang Zhengxu and Yao Jiaqi of Grade 2021 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics passed the school selection in September 2022, and were recommended by the school to participate in the competition. They successfully passed the evaluation all the way, and finally successfully completed the online defense final and won the national third prize of the A question.


On March 11th, 2023, Jiang Zhengxu, Yao Jiaqi and the instructor Cao Yongchang were invited to attend the award ceremony of Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge held in Beilie Moscow University, Shenzhen. At the award ceremony, we had close academic exchanges with other participating teams and the instructor of the organizer, listened to the summary and report of the expert group, and took a group photo with the expert group and other members, which showed the good outlook of the students of OUC.



2. Competition history


A .2022 summer vacation

In the summer vacation of 2022, Jiang Zhengxu and Yao Jiaqi decided to sign up for Shenzhen Cup in order to prepare for the upcoming National Competition in September under the encouragement of teacher Cao Yongchang, and they consulted relevant literature to learn about the relevant background. In the summer semester, apart from attending specialized courses during the day, they also actively participated in the competition training held by the Mathematics Innovation Practice Base. In the evening, they focused on the research and breakthrough of Shenzhen Cup questions, and successfully completed the first draft three weeks later.

B .early September 2022

In early September 2022, the team's paper passed the selection of the school and was recommended to participate in the provincial evaluation and the national general evaluation. Therefore, the whole team made the first large-scale revision and content filling in the first week of the autumn semester. With an excellent understanding of the competition topic and excellent presentation of the paper, the team became one of the three finalists in Shandong Province.

C .the end of October 2022

At the end of October 2022, the team will overhaul the paper again according to the official suggestions of the organizing committee. And this paper to revise the time and energy, is the previous incomparable. In order to meet the official requirements for practical problems, Jiang Zhengxu, Yao Jiaqi and other team members consulted a large number of literature references, supplemented and learned relevant knowledge about machine learning, and added a series of new data acquisition simulation, model design and other contents to the paper, which gradually increased the original 50-page paper to more than 120 pages. During this period, due to the emergency lockdown of the epidemic, the preparation plan was repeatedly affected, but after several days and nights of concentrated breakthrough, they withstood the pressure, and finally finished the final work. Finally, with their excellent accumulation and excellent model design, their works were unanimously recognized by the judges and stood out among more than 200 teams of A question selected nationwide.


3.experience and experience

A . Jiang Jeong-wook -- Experience, growth and experience

In my sophomore year, I chose to participate in Shenzhen Cup, and I deeply realized the particularity and challenge of this competition. Perhaps out of interest, I chose topic A, which was completely new to me and studied the effect of information cocoon and the mechanism of information transmission. Like countless modelers in this and other competitions, we have experienced countless days and nights in Xingzhi Building, and revised manuscripts again and again. In this months-long battle, I not only gained the understanding and mastery of complex knowledge, but also gained different experiences and growth brought by jumping out of the comfort zone. I take every day experience of the competition as experience. Even though there are many ups and downs on the road, and even a variety of small failures and regrets, I believe that one day we can harvest good results and reach the other side of the moment.

B . Yao Jiaqi -- Opportunity, challenge and harvest

I learned a lot from participating in such a challenging event. In the beginning, we thought of the Shenzhen Cup as an opportunity to exercise and challenge ourselves in preparation for the National Championships, not just for the prize. But since we have chosen to participate in this competition, we have to hold the most serious attitude towards it. All the while, what supports us to keep going is our own strong belief and high enthusiasm for mathematical modeling. When you are in awe of knowledge, you will be on the road to learn a powerful burst of energy. After a long time of competition, the meaning of winning the prize has become small compared to the scenery along the road, but of course, to be recognized by the judges also makes us feel very happy and satisfied. This proves the significance and value of our months of research efforts. I hope I can gain more in the future and keep improving myself!


Adamantly forward, although far will reach. We look forward to further achievements in the future!