1.Have an Associate Professor title or above in universities or research institutes.

2.Have outstanding academic achievements, excellent teaching ability and fruitful teaching results, be great influential at home and abroad.


1. Organize and implement high-level program development, formulate talent cultivation plans, and establish a quality assurance system for teaching.

2. Actively recruit and cultivate outstanding young talents, form high-level teaching teams, conduct advanced teaching research, and contribute to textbook development, actively fostering high-level teaching achievements.

3. Guide young faculty in enhancing their teaching skills, conduct exemplary public teaching sessions, organize teaching methods and discussions, as well as lectures and seminars.

4. Take responsibility for undergraduate courses, including lesson preparation and teaching tasks.

5. Actively engage in high-level research activities leveraging the Sino - Australian Smart Ocean Technology Joint Research Center, promote the integration of science and education, and mentor top-notch innovative talents. Lead high-level research projects and guide graduate students in their research projects.

6. Maintain effective communication with students, providing assistance and guidance; oversee student learning, including practical sessions, presentations, seminars, and field trips.

7. Participate in relevant administrative affairs related to the courses taught.


annual salary
RMB 500,000- 600,000
Associate Professor
annual salary
RMB 350,000- 450,000
Assistant Professor
annual salary
RMB 250,000- 320,000

(1) Those meeting the requirements can apply for various talent welfare benefits at the national and local levels.

(2) Those meeting the criteria for postdoctoral research can assist in applying for the Qingdao municipal postdoctoral benefits. According to the "Implementation Rules for the Support of Postdoctoral Cultivation and Staying in Qingdao" policy:

1. Postdoctoral living and housing allowance: For on-site postdoctoral researchers (excluding those employed), a yearly living and housing allowance of 60,000 RMB per person will be granted, up to a maximum of two years, with a total amount not exceeding 120,000 RMB.

2. Postdoctoral settlement allowance: For postdoctoral researchers who left the post after June 6, 2018, completed employment procedures within 6 months after leaving, and obtained household registration in Qingdao (excluding those who were already in Qingdao before entering and were employed), a settlement allowance of 250,000 RMB will be provided.


Biology Science / Biotechnology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Synthetic Biology/Bioinformatics/Immunology and Virology/Biomaterials/Microbiology/Structural Biology
Food Science and Engineering
Molecular Nutrition/Food Data Mining and Analysis/Food Sensory Evaluation/Utilization of Marine Biological Resources/Dietary Nutrition related to Homology of Medicine and Food
Mathematics/ Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Statistics/Probability Statistics/Time Series Analysis/ Multivariate Statistical Analysis/Biostatistics/Data Science and Technology/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/High Performance Computing


Curriculum Vitae
Other Documents
① Monographs
② Papers and periodicals
③ Copies of covers
④ Award certificates
① ID card or passport.
② Certificates of appointment and title, etc.
① Recommendation letters from two domestic and foreign experts
② At least one letter from a foreign expert
① Working plan
② Outlook during the employment period
① Abstract of doctoral dissertation。
(Only for Haide Assistant Professor)

Applicants will send the above documents (combined into a PDF file) to;

Please indicate the research direction and desired position in the email. After the preliminary review, the College will inform applicants to submit other documents or interview and follow-up procedures.


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