Learning Salon Annual IP Series Event - To Be An International Researcher


Release time:2024-03-26

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Embarking on a journey through the ocean of knowledge, blossoming on the international stage. As the new semester begins, Professor Andrew Roberts, an expert in geophysics, Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and former Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Australian National University, delivered a captivating lecture on To Be An International Researcher in the second conference room of the school library. The lecture was hosted by Min Wang, the Dean of Haide College, with nearly 200 faculty and students from Haide College in attendance.


Pursuing knowledge and taking action, enriching oneself

Professor Andrew Roberts delved into the topic of how to become a researcher with an international perspective, exploring the essential qualities that contemporary university students should possess for academic research and international exchange. He believes that academic research should embody qualities such as curiosity, critical thinking, and integrity. Additionally, he shared his own experiences of international exchange and learning, offering unique insights into education and learning.

Seeking answers, bright future is just beginning

During the question and answer session, students actively engaged with Professor Andrew Roberts, exchanging ideas and interacting, creating a lively atmosphere. Professor Andrew Roberts emphasized the importance of continuous self-improvement, optimistic confrontation of conflicts, open-mindedness, and cooperation in academic research. He also encouraged everyone to continuously enhance their professional knowledge and not rely solely on artificial intelligence.

Embarking on a journey towards a promising future

At the conclusion of the lecture, Min Wang further emphasized the importance of physical health in research work, encouraging participants to maintain a positive attitude towards life, ensure a healthy diet and regular exercise, and to better engage in future academic research.

This lecture inspired everyone present, fostering the hope that each participant will embark on their academic journey with a broader mindset and firm steps towards the future.