Student Activity | Haide College Hosts Love at OUC English Talent Show


Release time:2023-12-25

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In order to create a positive English learning atmosphere, cultivate international perspectives and patriotic sentiments among Haide College students, the College organized the Love at OUC English Talent Show on December 14th in the Western-style auditorium of Xingzhi Building, with the centennial celebration approaching. The competition comprised three parts: Youth Melody English singing competition, Salute to Classics English dubbing competition, and My Story with OUC English speech competition.

At the beginning of the event, Deputy Dean of Haide, Zhang Linjie delivered a speech expressing support and anticipation for the activity. She emphasized the importance of English learning and encouraged students to actively participate, showcasing their talents. 


Salute to Classics English Dubbing Competition

During the event, 23rd-grade participants adeptly grasped the characters' language, emotions, and situational atmosphere in the dubbing segments. Their performances were vivid and captivating, immersing the audience in the scenes of movies and TV dramas. Each group of students left a profound impression on the judges with accurate pronunciation, rich emotions, authentic tones, and brilliant interpretations, earning them enthusiastic applause from the onlooking audience.   

My Story with OUC English Speech Competition 

In the event, students eloquently shared inspiring stories about OUC in a foreign language, conveying the essence of OUC and leaving a lasting impression on everyone. The speech competition cultivated students' innovative spirit and practical abilities, comprehensively enhancing their English proficiency and practical language skills. Simultaneously, it showcased the youthful vigor of the students, allowing them to experience the inclusive and charming ethos of OUC, embodying the university's spirit of embracing all rivers and its unique allure.

Youth Melody Singing Competition

On the competition stage, participants from the 22nd and 23rd grades used their enchanting voices and emotive performances to interpret the charm of English songs. The clear and melodious vocals, coupled with heartfelt renditions, immersed the audience in the ocean of music. Beyond showcasing their solid musical foundation and unique styles, the contestants conveyed positive values and youthful vitality through their songs. This not only influenced everyone present but also collectively allowed them to experience the enchantment and power of music. 

Post-match Comments

Subsequently, foreign teachers Toby and Michael provided professional comments of the captivating performances across the three competition modules, offering high praise. Toby commended the contestants for their authentic pronunciation and standard intonation, acknowledging everyone's outstanding performances.  

This English talent showcase not only provided a platform for students to display their talents but also fostered communication and learning among them. Through this event, students gained a deeper understanding of the essence and charm of English culture, enhancing their English language proficiency and cultural literacy.

In the end, the English talent showcase concluded with warm enthusiastic applause. Let's look forward to the next, even more spectacular, English talent showcase!



Text by Cheng Qihan

Photos by Sun Qianhan