2023 Joint Management Committee Meeting of Haide College Was Held


Release time:2023-12-15

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On December 11th, the Joint Management Committee Meeting for Haide College, the Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution between Ocean University of China (OUC) and the University of Adelaide (UoA), was held at UoA. Liu Yong, the standing member of the Party Committee and Vice President of OUC, along with Vice Presidents of UoA, Jessica Gallagher and Suzanne Le Mire attended the meeting. Gallagher presided over the meeting.

Gallagher welcomed the delegation from OUC in her address. She expressed appreciation for Haide College's achievements in 2023 and thanked everyone for their relentless efforts. She conveyed the determination of both sides to further expand cooperation and looked forward to providing students with richer academic resources and internationalized learning environment through deeper collaboration and exchange.

Liu Yong expressed gratitude for the warm reception by the UoA and praised the significant achievements made by both universities in the construction of Haide College over the past year. He emphasized the mutual commitment of the two universities in developing Haide College, which has become an exemplary collaboration. Over the past year, faculty and students from both universities have engaged in various forms of exchange and cooperation, injecting new vitality into the international talent development of OUC. Liu expressed the hope for the continued collaboration in various fields. He extended congratulations to UoA on its 150th anniversary next year, and invites representatives from UoA to join the celebration of centennial of OUC next year.


Wang Min, the Dean of Haide College, provided a comprehensive overview of the Haide College's academic situation in 2023, in terms of teaching staff, quality assurance system construction, educational facilities construction, and personalized growth of students, etc. She highlighted the steady improvement in the quality of student sources, the continuous enhancement of the internationalization of teaching facilities and laboratories, a significant increase in the internationalization of the faculty, and notable achievements by students in areas such as academic competitions, social practices, and cultural exchanges. In this summer, OUC has sent 8 teachers to UoA for a 15-day exchange visit. During the fall semester, UoA has dispatched 13 academic teachers for offline teaching at Haide College, who have also conducted academic lectures in relevant colleges. These efforts have facilitated in-depth exchanges between students and faculty of both institutions, promoting the development of an international talent cultivation model, and highlighting the gradual impact of international high-quality educational resources.

 Boyin Ding, the Academic Director of Haide College from UoA, reviewed the progress over the past year in promoting teaching visit to China and the oversea teachers training of OUC. He also shared insights into the learning and living conditions of students of the "3+2 " and "2+2" programs at UoA, along with the comprehensive qualities and academic achievements of students abroad. He emphasized that the outstanding achievements of students are a result of the close collaboration between the two universities. He expressed the hope for continued collaboration to facilitate the comprehensive development of students.

 During the meeting, representatives discussed plans for 2024, including UoA teaching visit to China, oversea training programs for OUC teachers, and the selection of students for Haide "3+2 " and "2+2" programs.

 Attendees also included David Lewis, Acting Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology(SET), Zonghan Xie, Associate Dean of SET and Chen Wang, Global Partnership Manager of UoA; Xinqing Li, president of AEMG Education; Fang Qizhi, Director of the Educational Administration Office, Li Weidong, Director of International Office and Xu Zhiang, Director of the Financial Office of OUC.

Reporter | Xu Jingjing