Student Activity | “3+2” Pathway Interdisciplinary Master's Orientation Meeting and Senior Students’ Experience Sharing Session Successfully Ended


Release time:2023-12-08

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On the afternoon of November 26, in order to help students gain a deeper understanding of the "3+2 " pathway of Haide College and clarify the choice of master's study abroad direction, Haide held a "3+2 " pathway interdisciplinary master's orientation meeting and senior students' experience sharing session in classroom 2505 of the teaching building. The event was hosted by Haide student admissions and international affairs secretary Yu Wenqing.

Firstly, Guo Mingyu, the Deputy Dean of the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, shared detailed information about the interdisciplinary master's program in computer science under the "3+2 pathway online. He introduced the achievements of the UoA in relevant fields, the content of academic research, and future prospects for computer science. By combining a series of data analyses with vivid examples, he sparked students' interest in computer science and broadened their perspective on choosing a postgraduate study direction.

 Next, Zhang Anxing, a representative of students majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences in the "3+2 " pathway, shared his study abroad experience online. From the initial reasons for choosing to study abroad to his learning stories in Adelaide, and from advice on overcoming language difficulties to practical tips for student life, he meticulously shared every aspect of his six months at the UoA with students.

 Yang Yifei, a representative of students majoring in Biotechnology in the "2+2" pathway for the year 2021, joined the event in person and shared her study life at the UoA with her fellow students. By virtue of vivid language and a series of life photos, she introduced the beautiful campus of the UoA and explained various aspects of life, including clothing, food, accommodation, and transportation. She also discussed the differences in studying domestically and abroad in the field of biotechnology and related considerations with the students.

 Wu Weiheng, a representative of students majoring in Mathematics in the "2+2" pathway for the year 2021, shared the teaching system, teaching methods, and assessment methods of the mathematics major at the UoA from an academic perspective. He answered questions and provided clarification for students majoring in mathematics who are considering studying abroad.

 During the event, many students raised their phones to take photos and record the proceedings. Although most senior students could not attend the event in person to interact with everyone, the online sharing format did not diminish the enthusiasm of the students. In the free discussion session, students asked questions, and teachers and senior students generously offered assistance. 

Through this sharing session, students gained a deeper understanding of the college's "3+2" pathway and developed a new awareness and aspiration for the study life at the UoA. It is hoped that from now on, everyone can find a suitable direction for their development, stay true to their ideals, and become a more outstanding version of themselves.