The new academic guidance of Haide college 2023 had been held successfully


Release time:2023-09-18

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With the cool autumn wind and the fragrance of cinnamon, the freshmen of 2023 have started a new journey with their enthusiasm and ideals. In order to help freshmen successfully realize the role transition from middle school to university and adapt to the teaching mode and lifestyle of the university, Haide College 2023 freshmen academic guidance Meeting was held in the teaching area on the evening of September 1. The activity included a series of lectures on professional navigation, academic and student status guidance, and course selection guidance.



Professional navigation


This professional navigation series is designed to help freshmen learn more about their majors, develop their own academic development plans, and define their goals for learning and development.


The 2023 biological technical professional navigation lecture by Liu Zhenhui, a professor of Marine life school, which is taught by the university of Marine life, introduces the purpose of learning, the future direction of the professional and the three aspects of the university's study. He said that biotechnology occupies an important place in the science of life, and that the education system of Haide college will provide a wide platform and opportunity for students. According to the characteristics of the English lecture of Haide college, Liu Zhenhui encourages students to take advantage of the time of self-study and consolidate the solid foundation. For the students' future career, he hopes that the students will be able to transcend themselves and pursue excellence.


At the beginning of the Class 2023 Food Science and Engineering navigation lecture, Assistant Professor Fan Qianhui of Haide College warmly welcomed all the new students and introduced the food major in detail from four aspects: research object, curriculum, teachers and employment direction. Food science and engineering is based on science, engineering, agronomy and medicine. Studying the physical, chemical and biological properties of food materials and food, nutrition, quality, safety and engineering technology is a multidisciplinary engineering level subject, she encourages students to work hard, clear their life goals, and do a good job in academic planning.


Academic and student status guidance


Zhang Linjie, deputy dean of Haide College, gave a lecture on the academic and student status guidance for Class 2023 freshmen. She introduced Haide College's training model and ways of further study to the students. She mentioned that in order to cultivate innovative talents with international vision and Chinese feelings, the three majors set up by the College not only retain the original foundation of Ocean University of China, but also introduce the disciplinary advantages of the University of Adelaide. It integrates the domestic and international training methods and provides a higher platform and solid foundation for the follow-up development of students. After that, Zhang Linjie put forward targeted academic suggestions for the students from different aspects of future development, and she encouraged the students to pave the way with youth, let the dream extend, and realize their life value.



Elective course and freshman class selection


Finally, Fu Runzhu, secretary of the teaching affairs of Haide College, introduced the course selection mechanism, autumn 2023 course selection, the operation mode of the course selection system, and the course selection time arrangement to the freshmen in detail, providing students with comprehensive and easy to understand course selection guidance. She expressed the hope that students actively obtain academic information, carefully study the training program, plan their university study career, establish their own life goals, and cultivate a solid professional foundation and the ability to innovate and start businesses.


At this point, Hyde College Class of 2023 Freshman Orientation Meeting successfully concluded, which will not only provide new opportunities for the freshmen, but also help the freshmen understand the training goals of the university, adapt to the teaching mode of the university, and provide a solid foundation for future study life. After the mountain, the future is a clear and clear wind, and I hope that you will be able to love your life in the future.