Haide College of Ocean University of China Holds Unveiling Ceremony


Release time:2021-06-18

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On May 28, 2021, the opening ceremony of Haide College of Ocean University of China was held in the first conference room of Laoshan campus library. Yu Zhigang, President of Ocean University of China; Wang Jianmin, chief accountant and chairman of education foundation; Peter h, President of Adelaide University ø J AC, vice president Jacqueline lo and others attended the unveiling ceremony, and vice president Li Weiran of Ocean University of China presided over the ceremony.

In his speech, President Yu Zhigang pointed out that the establishment of Haide college is an important achievement of inheriting historical friendship and deepening practical cooperation between Ocean University of China and Adelaide University, which fully embodies the strong alliance, complementary advantages and mutual benefit. Since its establishment, Haide college has made high-level planning and construction, and carried out fruitful work. He hoped that Haide college would make greater efforts to introduce high-quality educational resources from Australia, further improve the personnel training program, enhance students' innovative quality and comprehensive quality, promote high-quality educational resources, and realize the co construction and sharing of high-quality educational and teaching resources.

Peter H ø President J AC warmly congratulates Haide college on its official opening. He highly praised the school running level and fruitful achievements of Ocean University of China, and hoped to maintain a long-term partnership with Ocean University of China. At the same time, he expressed his sincere hope and good wishes to Haide students and looked forward to meeting with them in Adelaide as soon as possible.

In his speech, vice president Jacqueline Lo said that excellent research and high-quality teaching are inseparable. Students from Haide college will benefit from the leading scholars in various research fields. We look forward to the continued development of fruitful and fruitful education partnership in the future.

In his speech, Professor Dong Junyu, Dean of Haide college, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of both sides for their trust and support and for the hard work of teachers and students of the college. He pointed out that Heide college will focus on three tasks: first, to integrate foreign high-quality education resources and innovate the system and mechanism of talent training; Second, promote the platform construction of China Australia intelligent marine science and technology joint research center and serve the development of disciplines; Third, we should learn from the common practice of academy system and explore the management mode of College Students' education. Haide college will strive to promote the cooperation between China Ocean University and Adelaide University to a higher and deeper level, and cultivate a number of elite talents leading the development of the future industry and promoting human welfare.

The guests attended the meeting to watch the show video of the students' demeanour of Haide college. Class 2020 students of mathematics and applied mathematics Wang Yuxiang spoke on behalf of all Heide students. He expressed the responsibility and mission of young Heide students to build Haide and achieve self. He will bear in mind the school motto of taking all rivers in Haina and taking the way forward, and strive to grow into a cross-cultural communication ability, interdisciplinary integration ability A complex talent with logical thinking and innovative practical ability and excellent leadership.

Finally, president Yu Zhigang and Peter H ø President J AC connects in the cloud and jointly unveils the heid Institute.

Lucy Anderson, Minister of international cooperation, Adelaide University, Simon Pyke, Minister of academic department, office of Party committee, President Office, international cooperation and exchange office, personnel department, education department, science and Technology Department, Graduate School, financial department, alumni office, Education Foundation Office, ocean and atmosphere college, marine life college The leaders of the school of food science and engineering, the school of mathematics science, Chongben University and the representatives of teachers and students of Haide college attended the ceremony.